Announcing: Knightlands Official Launch is coming🥳


Off-Chain Gameplay

We’ve decided to make the Knightlands gameplay off-chain to ensure our players have a smooth and enjoyable playing experience. This also allows our community to enjoy the game without having to fork out hefty transaction fees!

(Knightlands Gameplay in Alpha)

What about NFTs?

In the 2nd season of Knightlands, our players will be able to mint their army units, jewelry, and some rare equipment to a blockchain of the choice!

Development Team

We have a strong team that is dedicated to building a revolutionary game that aims to bridge the gap between decentralized gamers and traditional gamers. Our team has over 20 years of combined experience, including an ex-Gameloft artist, and a Polygon developer.

A reward for alpha players!

If you want to be part of the Knightlands takeover, you can try out our Alpha at to get a feel of the game before the official launch in September.

For players who reach level 40 in the Alpha by 31 August 2021, you will receive a special bonus chest at the official launch of the game in September.

Do join our discord and telegram channels to provide any feedback you have or just to chat with our team and community.

See You in The Knightlands⚔️,

The Knightlands Team🏰

Knightlands is a multi-chain RPG, founded with the vision of bringing back the nostalgia of old browser games while delivering creative gameplay and utility to the decentralized gaming space.

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