How to Craft the Best Equipment in Knightlands

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As with every RPG around, your character and the equipment it equips will significantly affect your game performance. Here at Knightlands, equipment is an essential part of the game that could affect your chances of completing raids and thus your options at playing to earn.

In this article, we will be walking you through how you can craft the best equipment, so you can take on the beasts that roam the battlegrounds in Knightlands.

Crafting process

To obtain the best equipment in the game, players must craft them using crafted and/or dropped equipment of lower quality.

This process involves:

  • Leveling
  • Limit Break
  • Evolving


The first thing you want to do is to increase the level of the equipment. Each equipment can reach level 200 at its maximum.

To increase the equipment’s level, you must feed it a particular resource — “Hammer” or other pieces of equipment you don’t need.

Every equipment has a maximum level based on the rarity and stars.

Limit Break

To add a star to the piece of equipment, one must feed it a same copy of that piece. Thus, to fully unlock the maximum potential of the equipment, you need exactly 2 copies of the same equipment.


Once the equipment has reached the maximum level and 2 stars, it is possible to increase the rarity of that piece. All you need is to combine an equipment of the maximum level and 2 stars with a unique resource, which is dropped from the quests randomly.

Visual representation of the evolving process

Elemental weapons

Every raid has elemental weakness randomly chosen once a week. If your character and legion have elemental weapons that match an element — you will have 30% more damage!

Elemental weapons can only be crafted from the Common weapon of choice and then evolved to a higher rarity. As follows:

Crafting of rings and amulets

Players must play through raids to get accessory shards. There are 5 types of shards, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical.

Upon collecting 50 shards, the player can then craft an accessory of their choice.

Note that accessory rolls options on the equipment randomly. The number of options is chosen based on the rarity, as follows:

  • Common — 1 option
  • Rare — 1 option
  • Epic — 2 options
  • Legendary — 3 options
  • Mythical — 4 options

Once you crafted the desired piece, you probably want to get the perfect rolls on it. For that, you must use the Re-roll menu, which will re-roll options’ values for you.


Every piece of equipment can be improved using a unique resource. Each consecutive improvement will have a higher chance of failing. If the enchanting level is above 6 — it will roll back to the previous level upon failure.

Enchanting increases ALL stats by 10% per level, making it a must-have step for every player to take if they want the best equipment in the Knightlands.

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