Knightlands: How to play to earn


Trading is the first and most obvious way of making a living in Knightlands. Earn FLESH tokens and sell them using your favorite DEX.


Dividends are the following way to earn in Knightlands. Therefore, every purchase made by our players will contribute to the funding of the dividends pool.

  1. Marketing — 10%
  2. Next season prize pool —10%
  3. Team — 10%

Seasonal Prize Pool

Everyone who plays Knightlands will get a chance to win a portion of the stable coin prize pool at the end of each season.
Player rankings will be based on their total seasonal points at the end of the season.

  1. Your character power and level
  2. FLESH staked
  3. Strongest legion power
  4. Friends you’re brought into the game using the referral link



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Knight Lands

Knight Lands


Crypto RPG with Profit Sharing. Questing, Raiding, PvP, and more. Gain $FLESH tokens while playing. Come and join us in our Adventure.