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2 min readSep 1, 2021


Knightlands is proud to announce that our Pre-sale is starting soon.🥳 Get in on the sweet deals in pre-sale to help gear up for the official launch coming in Mid September❗❗

One in-game account can’t open more than 1 Big, 1 Medium, and 2 Small packs! The same applies to presale purchases.

The total number of Pre-Sale packs available are 200 Small, 150 Medium, and 100 Large.

Tokens included in the Pre-sale packs (FLESH & ASH) are going to be available after the game launches.

Pre-sale prices

Small pack: 21 MATIC
Medium pack: 107 MATIC
Large pack: 250 MATIC

Visit our presale page at

Pre-sale: 0xde0c0c01c0ea63b00f49bab45f291ef7e3998228
Pre-sale cards NFT: 0xF420E0881a772B0DC18BA97b07A5ef33b2A28581

Do take note that the Pre-sale will be closed when Official game is launched in Mid September or when the Pre-Sale Packs are sold out.

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